Sunday, April 3, 2011


When I was growing up and living in Huntington Beach we would often go and visit the town of Solvang, CA. Solvang is a Danish town - with lots of bakeries filled with wonderfully delightful goodies. One of the standard items sold in their bakeries for breakfast is abelskivers. I used to dream of abelskivers when I was young - well, maybe not dream, but certainly desire them!

When I was all grown up a friend gave me an abelskiver pan. Since then (about 1992-3) I have been making our own abelskivers. While they are probably not AS good as the ones in Solvang, my, they are certainly delicious!

We began having them on General Conference morning when the kids were growing up - so they are somewhat of a tradition for us now. And what a wonderful tradition they are!

Cooking on the stovetop
 So much deliciousness on one plate... it's almost sinful!
I am grateful for Conference, and a great excuse to make abelskivers! :)

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