Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Whenever our kids come to visit I clean our floors, along with other areas of the house, but today I am discussing floors! So, last night when I couldn't sleep I thought of things I need to do around the house. This morning after going to get my haircut I decided I would clean our kitchen and entry floors. Thinking I had done them two weeks ago after the kids had left I realized that I hadn't! Shame, shame on me! As I inspected them briefly I realized that they needed to be more than 'swiffered' (in my home that is a word). I decided that I would do a deep clean, one that I usually don't do since I have bad knees and a bad back.

I found my Murphy's Oil Soap, put it in a bucket with very warm water, got out a trusty scrubby-sponge and went to work. By the time I was 1/3 of the way through with just the kitchen floor my knees were hurting. So, I sat down and scrubbed for a while. I altered between the two for a while. After finishing the kitchen floor I took a break... I needed it.

Then I proceeded to scrub the entry/tile floor.

All this work made a difference. My floors look so clean and I am very grateful on many levels. :)

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