Monday, June 13, 2011

baby sitting

tonight we were able to babysit for amy and brad so they could go to five guys for dinner and just hang out without any kiddies around.

it was fun being with the boys; feeding them dinner, giving james a popsicle after he was outside with papa petting our neighbors cat, then bath time, stories and songs, and then attempting to put him to bed. (which was when he really realized they weren't here) they came home just in time to say nightie-nights to him and then he was off to slumber land.

as for mr. gavin - he loved his papa time and had a blast! he is now getting his bottle and going down for the night.

i am grateful for those rare occasions when we can babysit some of our grandchildren; sure wish it were more frequent.

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  1. thanks for doing this :) we loved having a date night. if you really want to do it more frequent, we can go out weds. too. haha!