Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"singing in the rain!"

i love most of the movie "singing in the rain". i think gene kelly, debbie reynolds and donald o'connor are brilliant...along with the talent behind the scenes. while our children were growing up we wanted to instill in them a love for movies of the past...classics, if you will.

a few weeks ago we were skyping with craig, angie and lucas. lucas has fallen in love with the movie "singing in the rain." he especially enjoys the scene/song "make them laugh", so much so that he actually tries to perform by attempting to climb up walls at church, or to lay on the floor and spin himself around sideways (like donald o'connor does). he also dances around the room singing his version of the songs 'singing in the rain' and 'make them laugh'. seriously it is one of the cutest things i've ever witnessed!  mind you, he is two, yep, only two years old and he is already a ham like his daddy.

i am grateful for lucas' version of 'singing in the rain' - it warms a grandma's heart.

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