Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I was thinking about this very night and what took place nineteen years ago. My dad was going to the hospital in the morning for a procedure. He had had a heart attack six weeks prior, with a triple bypass, and was having some difficulty. It wasn't anything unusual, he was slowly recovering from his heart attack and surgery. He was going to be fine, it was just a simple procedure, nothing major.

That night Sam, Craig, Amy, Rachel and I were visiting.  We had just gotten home from a trip to Disneyland just days earlier, and I had talked with my dad and he sounded the best he had sounded since his surgery. My spirit soared with gratitude and joy, feeling that he would be fine in no time at all.

The following morning I received a phone call, dad was in the hospital, would I come to Paradise? That I did, and stayed the night. He came home, with a scheduled appointment for Tuesday morning at the hospital for a procedure to fix what was wrong. So, home I went. That was a Saturday.

Sunday morning there was yet another phone call, dad was going to go to the hospital now on Monday morning. I don't recall why, but that is what was going to happen. That Sunday I happened to be the only person available to conduct Relief Society, the only member of our Presidency there. So, I went and conducted, then changed my clothes (and the kids changed theirs) and off to Paradise we went once again, for the 2.5 hour drive.

Sunday evening my dad had us have a family prayer...his last act as Patriarch of our family. How grateful I am for my dad, for the honorable Priesthood holder he was, for the love he had/has for his family, and for his example to me that has contributed for me being me, especially as a member of the church and as a parent and grandparent.

I realize as I write that I am grateful for many things regarding my dad and the events surrounding his death, However I felt prompted to share this specific event, even though it was very simple.

Words cannot express my depth of gratitude for the wonderful men in my life...my patriarchs.

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