Tuesday, June 28, 2011


our grandson, james, has discovered that life has funny moments in it. when he recognizes that he looks at you and says, "funny" and continues to say it until you acknowledge that indeed, it is "funny". so very cute.

yesterday, as mentioned previously, i was in sacramento with my mom. she truly does not get out often at all. in fact the last time she did was when i drove her to their new apartment the day they moved a few days before memorial day.

when i was there yesterday and we were leaving the restaurant an older couple were getting into their car as well (since we were all parked in the handicapped zone).  i got my mom situated in her seat, with her seat belt safely secured, then i proceeded to put her walker in the back seat. as i did so my hand inadvertently touched the back of my keyless entry, where there is a little red button that causes my horn to honk. of course my horn began honking. i quickly touched that little red button again, ceasing the sound of my honking horn thinking nothing of it.

i climbed into the drivers seat and my mom exclaimed, "those people were so rude!" i was taken aback and asked her why she thought so...she thought it was pretty rude of them to be honking their horn at us! i cheerfully explained that it wasn't them that were honking their horn, it was me!

wow, i hope they didn't think i was being rude...hadn't considered that until now. yikes!

i am grateful for all the 'funny' things that happen in life, and the little people who recognize those moments!

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