Monday, June 27, 2011


i was lucky enough to go to sacramento today and visit my mom. i knew she needed me to do a few things for her, one of which was to cut her hair. then with that little twinkle in her eye that only she can get she says, 'are you hungry?' in fact i was not, i had a bowl of cheerios about an hour and a half earlier...but that didn't matter, i knew she was and what's more that she wanted to get out of the apartment into the fresh air and sunshine.

i had planned on running an errand myself while i was there since she lives about a mile from deseret book now. i wanted to pick up some extra may ensigns so that we could each have our own to study and peruse. so i told her i would take her out to eat (she of course wanted breakfast food) after i ran my errand, in hopes of having some sort of appetite.

we went and picked up the ensigns, well, i did, while she waited in the car. then i drove around (since she recently moved i wasn't sure what restaurants were in the area other than red robin and fast foods) and managed to find a coco's where i knew they served breakfast foods. she enjoyed herself immensely as she ate her strawberry waffle and bacon. (she does love her bacon)

as we were eating she realized she needed me to run another errand for her. my sister is out of town, visiting friends in oregon (which no one informed me of until thursday; no, i am not bitter). she was out of tp and tissues - not a good thing. well, she had some tp but she didn't like the quality of it (i love my mom, i am certain i get all of my snobby tendencies from her, of which there are a few, but not too many; let's just say i don't skip quality in some areas of my life) as i talked with her about it she pulled out cash and asked if that was enough, i told her i didn't need her cash since i have an atm card for her bank account. THAT changed everything! suddenly i needed to get her vitamins also, and to go to her pharmacy and get the prescriptions she desperately needed.

so, i am grateful for all the excursions i could take my mom on for multiple reasons...1) i love helping her, 2) she really needed the items, and 3) she loved being out and about rather than stuck in her apartment.

besides, it's the least i could do...she is my mom and that is what i am really grateful for. :)

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