Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friends, Food and Fun

Last night we had what was supposed to be game night. Well, one of our friend/couples had to cancel. Then Pat received a phone call to go and give a sister we home/visit teach a blessing in the hospital. I called the other couple that we invited over and asked if they wanted to reschedule or come a little later. They came half an hour later than planned, about two minutes after Pat got home.

Our 'dinner' was to be the snacks supplied by us and whatever our friends brought. I made these bbq phyllo rolls from Costco (very tasty), some mozarella cheese sticks from Skinny Recipes (really tasty, but ended up being cheese melts...oh well, still delish), cookies, and then I had some 'hanky panky' from WinCo, and some M&M's. Our friends brought cream cheese with olives or pickles wrapped in salami, some apples and caramel sauce.

What we ended up doing was eating and talking. We never did play a game, and they were here for three hours! It was super fun to have them over, and we hope to start doing this on a monthly basis, and ask other friends/couples over also. I am grateful for fun time with friends, oh, and food! ;)

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