Thursday, July 7, 2011

Birthday Buddies

Today is my dad's birthday. He would have been 84. ( I miss him)

It has gotten me to thinking of birthdays, but not just his...and this is why -

Birthdays are an individual thing, but sometimes we share birthdays with others, hence becoming birthday buddies forever! What I love is when 'new' people come to earth and share birthdays with people that I love.

For example: our dear friends Chris and CC Monson had James two years ago on my dad's birthday, which makes James even that more special to me. (Happy Birthday James!!!)

This seems to be a pattern with their family in particular, oddly enough! Chris and his sister, Marissa, are my birthday buddies. Chris' birthday is 3 days before mine, Marissa's is 2. As a result we are forever birthday buddies. I will always remember their birthdays, not just because they are near mine, but because they each mean a lot to me. Fortunately I have a 'new' birthday buddy in my grandson Gavin, born 4 days after my birthday. :)

Interestingly enough, Chris and CC's daughters are unknowingly birthday buddies with members of my family: Catherine was born on my niece's birthday, and Grace, was born 2 days prior to Amy's birthday.

Sometimes we marry into families where that happens as well, in our case this happens in May: Craig is 2 days older than Brad; Angie's birthday is 4 days after Brad's.

Then we have those that are expected on one person's birthday in the family and unexpectedly arrive on another's. Take, for example, our grandson James - he was due on my mom's birthday, January 10th, yet he surprised everyone and arrived on December 28th, my brother's birthday. Oddly enough! Sadie's story is close to the same: expected on Rachel's birthday yet arrives the day after Sam's.

Other shared birthdays for our family:
Corey was born on Sam's birthday.
Lucas was born on his other grandma's birthday.
Pat's birthday is 5 days after my mom's.
Amy was born 2 days before Grandpa Dell's, who shares his birthday with Seppi.
Rylee was born on Kyle's birthday.
And Darci is expected on her other grandpa's birthday, August 25th.

Enough already, right?! To me it is interesting to realize that important people in our lives can be born on or near another important person's birthday or anniversary.

I am grateful for birthday buddies - they just give us another reason to celebrate life.

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