Thursday, July 14, 2011

harry and friends

it was 1999 and all was quiet in the dell household. our friends, the coopers, had been reading the much talked about series 'harry potter'. some i knew were against it because it was about wizards and witches, which of course meant that it was pure evil. little did they know. being the guarded mom i was i borrowed books one and two from the coopers, determined to make a decision based on fact rather than someone else's imaginings.

borrow the books i did, and i read and read and read and enjoyed every single minute of it! not only was it not 'evil' it embodied good and evil, right and wrong. clearly anyone reading would fall in love with the boy in the closet, the weasley family and a little girl muggle named hermione (which of course took us until the movie to know how to pronounce it!)

j k rowling gave us a gift when she wrote the harry potter series. i am grateful for all the hours of experiencing the world of hogwarts, the ministry of magic and diagon alley. how i would love to visit those places! the world of harry potter is amazing, truly. i am grateful, but sad that it comes to an official close tonight. i will not be venturing out to see the final movie any time soon, but i do look forward to it as i am reading the last book once again. thanks harry for sharing your 'life' with us.

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  1. it is really sad it's all REALLY ending. the fact that the last book came out 4 years ago is crazy. GIVE US MORE, ROWLING!! oh, i love being a potter nerd