Saturday, July 16, 2011


what? me? shopping? really?!

yep, me. today rach and i went to ikea to take a gander at their bookshelves as i am hoping to replace the one in our study sometime in the near future (we bought it about 25 years ago). going to ikea is just fun. it wasn't super busy or crowded and i love looking at all of the furnishings, do-it-yourself stuff, and then items on the bottom floor! (i also love their food, and had breakfast for $1.99!)

while i enjoyed looking at the bookcases i decided i needed a lengthier vehicle to get one of those bookcases home in. so i opted to not purchase anything at ikea today (except for one package of the princess cake).(amy are you jealous now?!)

after we came home pat and i went to home depot and bought tile for our bathroom. i am super excited to get the carpet out of there and have tile (in a few weeks; thank you anthony).

so, miracle of miracles, today i really am grateful for shopping!

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  1. you aren't allowed to shop at IKEA unless you are giddy to be there. you just aren't. they will kick you out. so good job on enjoying your excursion. i am thoroughly jealous. i need to try their breakfast but i doubt we will ever make the 2-hour drive to portland in time for breakfast. not with our boys...