Sunday, July 24, 2011


my friend genie made bread the other night for the yosemite ward rs meeting. she happens to be a 'member' of that ward (the ysa's) since her husband, mike, is in the bishopric. in actuality they are in our ward, but that's another story.

at any rate she brought bread for the dinner we had the other night, fresh from her bread maker. it was delish. since my birthday is coming up and i've been considering getting a bread maker as a gift from my husband i emailed genie asking her which type of bread maker she has.

she replied that she has an oster. i thanked her for the info and thought nothing more about it.

today, genie and i had to be in tracy for the chester ward conference. on our way we talked briefly about the bread maker (she has had one for 25 years; the first one for 20, this one i am not sure how long for). she told me that the one she currently has she found at a thrift store - brand new, never been used for $8. wow.

on top of that she also surprised me by saying that when we returned from tracy to manteca there would be a freshly cooked loaf of bread for me to take home. isn't she the sweetest? we arrived at her home and she invited me in. the bread had just a few minutes left to go. i happily visited briefly, received her offering of fresh bread and went home.

rachel was pretty happy to know that we had fresh bread. before i knew it she had a plate, a knife and the butter out so that she could partake.

i am grateful for freshly baked bread...and the kindness of my friend genie.

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