Friday, July 8, 2011

Happiest Place on Earth

The Oakland Temple is closing for three weeks. We knew we needed to get to the temple, so last night Pat, Rach and I ventured to the happiest place on earth, well, one of them.

Temples dot the land around the world. I remember when there were just a few scattered here and there. That number slowly began to grow. Then, a few years back, President Hinckley had a vision of more temples so that all the members (and those that will be joining, no doubt) can attend the temple more easily. Currently we have 134 operating temples, 10 under construction and 16 more announced. That will bring us to 160 temples! Amazing!

Why am I grateful for the temple? Why do I believe it truly is the happiest place on earth? Because that is where we can receive the greatest blessings possible, individually and as a family unit. We are taught the truths of the gospel, we make sacred covenants, and we are sealed together for eternity as families.

The greatest joy I have ever experienced is being in the temple with family members. That is when being in the temple truly hits home - this is eternal, this is the greatest blessing we can have. Yes, I have much to be grateful for.

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