Thursday, July 28, 2011


i love hope. it just makes life so much better. when we lose hope life is not fun, at all.

i have a few hopes i am hopeful for right now that i will share:
- that our computer/desk, etc. will soon be returned to its rightful spot in the study
- that our brand new tile on our beautiful bathroom floor will soon be accompanied by the former and spiffed up base boards
- that i will soon find a juicer that is a great price and can begin juicing on a regular basis
- that my mom will be able to move closer to us relatively soon so that i can take care of her
- that angie's delivery will go well in august
- that rachel's half marathon will be wonderful
- that rylee will love kindergarten
- that amy's delivery will go well in october
- for all or our children/grandchildren to be happy and healthy

of course there are many other hopes in my life, but these are a few of them right now. i'm not going to tell you all of them! ;)

i am grateful for hope - and for the wonderful feeling it is to hope for things of importance and sometimes not important.

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