Sunday, May 13, 2012


Happy 31st to our Craiger-beggars!

That smile you see in this picture is so him! He has always loved laughing! He has a sense of humor and a quick wit that are just plain fun. I also love his serious side where we can have deep discussions regarding the world and the gospel. He was always a challenge as he loved challenging us when he was growing up. I think on some level he still does! Craig loves his family and is so grateful for them. He has a desire to be closer to them, which is difficult because we are all so far away from each other. He has found the career path that he is excited about and that makes us excited for him! He will graduate next year! Yay! 

Craig is a good daddy, showing love and patience with Lucas and Darci. He is a wonderful husband who loves his wife, Angela, very much. 

We are grateful for our Craigers! Have a happy birthday!!!!

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