Sunday, May 6, 2012

The sun is always there

Today was fast and testimony meeting. One of the sisters that bore her testimony shared a beautiful analogy. Her extended family has had a difficult year, and she has struggled with all that has gone on. In fact their family went through some rough patches a year or two ago when her husband (who was just put in the bishopric) had some serious health issues. Thank goodness he is doing well now.

She was sharing that as she was praying this morning she had this example come to her mind...that no matter what else happens the sun is always there. You may have a cloudy day, that blocks the sun from your sight, but it still is there. It may be midnight, but the sun is shining, somewhere, on earth at that time. She likened it to how we all have trials, and some are seemingly too much to bear, and it is so very hard to get through. However, we know, because He has proven it over and over and over again, that our Savior, Jesus Christ, is always there. No matter what.

We may not feel worthy, we may not even be worthy, but still He waits, to embrace us, to help us, to strengthen us. Perhaps we are struggling with our family, or financially, or with the burdens of unemployment; whatever that trial is, no matter how dark and foreboding it may seem, the Son is always there. Always. He can't not be.

I loved her analogy, her metaphor. I love that we literally know that the sun is always there, and that we can come to know that the Son is always there, and remember that knowledge, and be grateful.

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