Monday, May 21, 2012

An eventful day

Today was spent touring Niagara Falls! We went with the following family members: Pat, Rach, Cheryl, Eddie, Savannah, Neil, Tina, Ada, KinKin, Ramona, Steve (Tina's sisters and br-in-law), and Cheryl's friend, Patty. We were quite the group! We took Rach on 'the maid of the mist" boat ride, which the three of us enjoyed. While we went on the ride the rest walked down to horseshoe falls (the most famous part of the falls). They weren't able to get close since there was a rescue going on, which we had a different vantage point from the boat! Apparently a 44 year old man had attempted suicide just before we got there. We watched as they pulleyed him up to the top. Amazingly enough he survived...he's hurt, but is doing okay. After we finished there we all went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch, shopped a little then headed back to the U.S.A. :) Tonight we all went to my personal favorite in Buffalo for dinner...Ted's hot dogs! So, so yummy!! Then we went to Anderson's for custard ice cream cones where I had the special of the day, blackberry! All in all it was an eventful day. I am grateful for the sights, sounds, tastes, but mostly the company.

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