Saturday, May 19, 2012

Taking care of business

We are leaving for a trip to Buffalo tonight. We are going for a small family reunion and to celebrate Pat's mom's 80th, even though her birthday was in February. :)

As I have been getting things together, trying to tie up any perceivable loose ends, I have found myself being grateful. I am grateful for Eric who will be staying at our home, watching over Missy, and taking care of things here. I am grateful for the computer that allows me to makes lists, check them twice and cross off items as I go along. I am grateful that I was able to compose for Amy information of what to take care of in case something happens to us. I am just grateful to be organized and to feel that everything is in it's proper place at this time.

Now, on to the next phase, travelling across country in a plane! Pray for our safe arrival please!

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