Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our Children

Honestly, I don't recall if I've written a post about our children specifically in the past before. I am doing so now. Why? Because I love them...each and every one of them. But this is what made me think of them -

Next week I am speaking in church. As I talked with Rach this morning she said she would share her talk that she gave a week ago, on pretty much the same subject...Faith. Her talk was amazing. I wish I had been there to hear it!

I've been working on my talk a little this week. One night I worked on it a great deal. Throughout my talk I thought of events that helped me to be who I am today. Many of those events involved one or more of my kids. That might sound like I'm boasting about who I am. Actually, I'm not. But, as I've written, each of their faces, and their love, has come to my mind and into my heart. I am grateful for the important part each of them has played in my life. They are awesome.

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