Saturday, March 30, 2013

Paragon and Chinese Food

We have new outlet stores in our area, well, in Livermore. The outlets are the Paragon outlets (hence the title). Amy wanted to go there since most of the outlets that were in Tracy are now gone. (thank goodness Carter's has survived, thus far) While we were there the boys were feeling a little bit antsy, wanting to run and play. Who can blame them? After we shopped at their Carter's Amy wanted to go to Gap, to get there we walked through the food court. Since the boys were antsy and I was feeling a bit hungry, Pat and I took Gav and James to the food court.

We decided to get some Chinese food and just share it. I wasn't sure how the boys would react to the noodles, beef with broccoli and orange chicken. The noodles were a huge hit - even with our fussy eater, Gavin. Then Papa went and got us a smoothie and frozen yogurt to share. Yum! The boys sure enjoyed all of that food, and it helped them to focus on something other than mommy and daddy's (and Jack-Jack's) absence.

We had a great time together sharing our little feast. I am grateful that we could go to the outlets, and then partake of delicious food... and have fun with the little Misters. (before long mommy, daddy and Jack came also!)

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