Thursday, March 14, 2013

Security Door

Several families in our ward were robbed recently. At least one was semi their fault (left front door unlocked), another one was home and thinks they know who did it, but the police won't look into it. (Seriously?) The other one I don't know who it is, but I know that it happened. At any rate, Pat and I decided a few years back that we wanted to get a Security Screen Door. We (he) just didn't act on it so many other things! ;)

Saturday we went in and began the process. First someone had to come out and measure our door, to make sure it wasn't a special order/construct type of thing. Second, we had to go in and pick out the door, and the handles (which we tried to do on Tuesday evening, but no one came to help us...sigh). So, today I went and picked everything out, ordered it and paid for it. It won't even be at our Home Depot until April 4th. (glad we decided to take care of it before really warm weather hits - 76 degrees today!)

I think it will be good for us to have this new screen door, for several reasons. 1) a nice breeze through our great room, 2) security. (I know, stating the obvious) I am grateful that we finally took care of this!

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