Monday, July 22, 2013

Doing better

Yesterday as I was getting ready for church I threw my back out. Luckily I could move well enough to finish getting ready and get to church. Pat was speaking so I didn't want to miss that; a friend had texted the night before hoping we could sit together during RS, and we had a new RS presidency that I wanted to sustain. There were many reasons (besides the obvious) that I wanted to be in attendance.

That may have been a mistake. Once I came home from church (Pat had to stay after for a quick meeting) I needed to get our sweet potatoes cooking (sooo yummy!), which required a bit of work on my part. Everything else was pretty much taken care of. (I love my slow cooker!)

Finally dinner was ready, the only problem was that I was unable to move, at least not easily. It took me a minute to get up, another to start walking, and then I would slowly get to my destination. Pat took over and had me rest, for which I am grateful.

After being in pain for hours, with nothing seeming to help relieve said pain, I went to our medicine cabinet to discover that I had left over muscle relaxants from several years ago. Hallelujah! I took half of one, and waited for it to work. It helped, but I was still struggling quite a bit.

When I couldn't get comfortable to sleep I knew I needed to take another half. That I did, and it helped tremendously. I was able to sleep, and today I am feeling so much better. I am still a little stiff, but I can walk, and get up way better. I can't even begin to express how grateful I am for that. What a huge blessing.

Speaking of blessings Pat and our Bishop (hometeacher) gave me one during Sunday School yesterday. I am going to chalk up my doing so much better to that. I love having the Priesthood in my life - the literal Priesthood, and the men that worthily hold it.  :)

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