Thursday, July 11, 2013

Movie date

Before coming to visit, Pat told me that he wanted me to take James to see the new "Monster's University" movie. Today was the day. James didn't know that this was going to happen, but he sure was excited to go on a date with Nana! It was pretty cute since he's never been to a theatre before. What fun it was to see it all through his eyes! He loved watching the previews, and the movie short, "the blue umbrella". He sat in the chair next to me during all of that, once the movie began he sat on my lap, occasionally whispering, "I love you, Gramma." His attention span was better than I thought it'd be. The last ten minutes he started getting a little antsy. He wanted to know why there were lights on the floor, because he'd never seen that before!! Once the movie ended he wanted to stay and watch the credits even though everyone else had left. I'm grateful to have gone on a special date with James, it was great!

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