Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Okay, so the past few years I've been able to do less and less around here. My knee is not doing well, and the doc says I will need knee replacement surgery - but not for three to ten years. (Thank you, Kaiser)

Cleanliness is something that makes me happy. I even love to clean, but again, haven't been able to do the deep cleaning that I like to have done. Recently we had a young woman in our ward (eons ago, I was her YW president) returned from her mission to Brazil. She is returning to BYU in the fall (mid-August), and needs to earn some moolah for school. So, I've hired her to come and scrub my kitchen and entry floors; and to clean my blinds (which isn't that difficult, but it's something). I've only hired one person before, ever, to clean my home, and that was when we were getting ready to sell our home in Ripon. Other than that, I did the whole slave labor things with our kids! ;) (not really, they were paid!)

So, I am grateful to Cassandra for coming over today and helping me to get our home just the way I like it...clean!

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