Sunday, July 28, 2013


You know how we take things for granted sometimes? We assume that everything will work, that we are the ones in control. It isn't until something stops working, or barely works, that we stop and think about how we take things for granted. On another note, it could easily be a person; a relationship. Oh, they'll always be there, or so we think.

Today I had a moment during church where this came to my mind. It's a 'warm' day here, somewhere in the mid-90's. But, once you get over a hundred people in a room where the AC is limping by, it suddenly gets HOT. That is what happened today.

It really did make me stop and think of how I take for granted that our building's AC will work, whenever we are there. (even though it didn't last month on one Sunday, obviously something is wrong!) In fact, I usually wear a 3/4 sleeve sweater in the summer because it can get downright cold in there! Not today.

Usually Sunday School is held in the chapel, today I found people filing past me in the hallway on their way to the RS room where the AC was working very well to have Sunday School there! At least it was working in there!

The other thing it made me stop and think was, perhaps this is one of the reasons we do have opposition in all things - to make us appreciate it when things are working the way they are, and be grateful enough to not take relationships, and things we are blessed with for granted. It's not like I didn't know that already, but I'm grateful for those times it's brought to my mind. :)

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