Saturday, July 20, 2013


Early this morning Pat and I went to WinCo to get a 'few' groceries. (Can you ever just get a few things there? I swear it's like going to Costco...though there I have no problem getting a few things!) The thing is, my knee isn't doing well, which affects my leg and my hip. So, by the time I am done going through the store with a tight grip on the shopping cart, I am done. My leg is about to give out. That is why I was so grateful that Pat could go with me to WinCo, and then to Costco, to get our shopping done. He reached for the things that were too high for me, he bagged and loaded up the groceries, he put them in the trunk, he brought them in the house, AND he put most of them away for me! Even though I was in pain, I felt like I was in heaven, just because of all the service he did for me. I am so grateful for him, and his thoughtful ways. I don't know what I'd do without him... oh, yeah, be sad, lonely, and in pain! ;)

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