Tuesday, December 17, 2013


For me this is truly the season for making lists! I really believe I'd lose my way if I didn't have a list for everything! In fact, my mind is a bit cluttered...so much so that as I approached a blinking red light today I sat there, waiting for it to turn green while 2 other cars going the opposite direction turned where I was going. Then it hit me...THIS is a stop sign!

In all seriousness I have never, ever, done that before. I'm the person (yes, you will understand just how 'mean' I can be) that can't believe when others aren't going and it's their turn at a blinking red light! I may even mutter some things about them under my breath, or out loud, as the case may be! I so wanted to have a sign that read something like, "Excuse me for not getting that this is a stop sign! I'm in holiday mode...a little preoccupied here!" But of course, I had no such sign.

Instead what I have are lists. I guess I should explain that my lists match, almost. I have one on Word, one on my Kindle, and yet another on my phone (with reminders).

Is it really the holiday season causing my mind to not focus or am I just getting old? Yikes!

Regardless of why I need them I certainly am grateful for my lists! They save my sanity...though there are temporary lapses at times. ;)

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