Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Today was that day... the day most all of the Christmas packages are sent to places like Idaho, Utah, and Maryland! Most of the gifts we sent are ordered online, usually through Amazon (they must love me there! and many of you as well, I'm sure! I seriously cannot look at their cyber sales anymore!) (should I be hash-tagging all of my side comments? Hmmm?)

Okay, back to the post office. Once upon a time, a long time ago, we used to send things through UPS. At the time they were less expensive, or at least comparably expensive. Now that is no longer the case. For example; when I have sent things to Rexburg they always charged us $4/extra for delivery, because they are 'out in the boonies'. Right.

After doing that several times I became wise to their tricks. Now the post office gets our business, solely. I am grateful that they, 1) don't charge an arm and a leg for the exact same service, and 2) get things there in a timely manner!

I'm also grateful that I should have only one more trip to the post office prior to Christmas. (Yay!) Oh, and I should say, I am grateful to be able to go to Lathrop's post office where they don't have nearly as many people to cater to - it makes my life happier. And I love being 'happy, happy, happy!'


  1. HAHAHA, that hashtag comment made me laugh! Awesome. I am hoping to bypass all post office visits. There is no such thing as a "not busy" post office here. Ever. Another thing to be grateful for- two people coming for Christmas who get to open their presents at your house!!