Sunday, December 8, 2013

Moroni 7

Reading this morning from The Book of Mormon in Moroni 7, I was reminded that it is one of my favorite chapters. The prophet, Moroni, shares with us the teachings of his father, Mormon. The subjects are the tools that we use to build our testimonies of Jesus Christ, and God, our Father. Those tools, that are intertwined, are faith, hope, and charity. There was a short period in my life, while a student at BYU, that I struggled. I'm still not sure why, or exactly what I was feeling. I remember having Brother George Durrant for my Book of Mormon teacher, he was amazing, truly. He taught me so much about The Atonement, and made it personal, to me. At any rate, the semester was nearing it's end, and this was my second time reading The Book of Mormon all the way through. Because of the feelings I was experiencing, when it came time to read Moroni 7, my heart and soul found what I was thirsting for. Prayers were answered personally, and I rejoiced as the Spirit testified to me and strengthened my weaknesses. I'm so grateful for the blessing of not just certain chapters in The Book of Mormon, but for all that it contains...what a wonderful testament of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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