Sunday, December 1, 2013

Time and all Eternity

Thirty-six years ago my favorite person in the world asked me to marry him, for time and all eternity. It is simply impossible to express how grateful I feel that this happened in my life. Because of us we have Sam, Craig, Amy & Rachel. To add to that equation we have Linzi, Brad, and Angie (in order of them joining our family). Then, to top that off (so far) we have --- Rylee, Sadie, James, Lucas, Gavin, Chloe, Darci, Jack-Jack and Maci! We are truly blessed.

To celebrate our anniversary engagement Pat brought me two dozen red roses. What a sweetheart he is. Then, to top things off for me personally, I started the process to renew my temple recommend that expires this month. When we were finished with the interview Brother Dorrett said, "Isn't it wonderful?" I told him that it makes me happy. Then he said, "I could tell! Throughout the whole time you seemed very happy!"

That is because I am. Today is a happy day. It always will be for me. :)

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