Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Never giving up

Tomorrow night is our Stake RS leadership training meeting. In feeling that I should prepare for this meeting I watched the Worldwide Leadership Training meeting that was held in February (we unexpectedly missed it). While I was watching I was impressed with many thoughts, but the portion at the end where it talks about a Priest in Australia going astray for a bit really struck me. His bishop never gave up - he called, and called, and called. Finally, after what seemed like months of him trying to get a hold of this young man he received a text in return. He wanted to meet with the bishop.

As the story goes (and you can watch it online if you go to - serving in the church - WWLeadership training - youth) the young man was beginning to make wrong choices. No one told the bishop - he just saw it in his countenance. So, the bishop went to work. As a result the young man began serving more and more and more, until his testimony was more cemented. A loving bishop reached out to a struggling young man - never giving up on him - and the reward was great.

I am grateful for those who never gave up on me, namely my parents. They always believed in me, that I would one day live up to who I was meant to be. I strive every day. Some days I fall short, but I am always grateful to those who influenced my life for good and for them never giving up on me. Thank you.

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