Saturday, August 6, 2011


originally we had planned to go to monterey this weekend (to celebrate my bday tomorrow). however, after searching for a hotel and realizing there weren't any reasonable ones available i began to get suspicious. after doing a little detective work i found that this weekend in monterey is the steinbeck festival and a wine tasting festival. needless to say we needed a change in our plans!

we opted to go to muir woods and enjoy the coolness there (expecting it to be over 100 degrees today as it normally is at this time of year in the valley.) however, the high here today was 92 and the high while we were there was 57! Fifty-seven degrees! the only time we ever see that in the summer time is at night, and that is unusual!

muir woods did not disappoint, it was beautiful as always...crowded, but beautiful.

after we were finished we thought we would head over to sausalito and find a cute little restaurant for lunch. little did we know that there was going to be a ton of people riding bicycles all over the place! we ended up driving through town and heading for the golden gate bridge.

i originally wanted to go to pier 23 to try some tasty fish tacos (yes, that is pretty much my favorite food - most of the time). pat was not a fan of that idea (he doesn't care much for the city). (oh, and thank you guy fieri for the recommendation on triple-d) i was not disappointed, in the least. we did have to wait for 1/2 hour since all the other people that would have gone to monterey apparently decided to join us in the bay area today...or as rach puts it they all knew it is my bday tomorrow and wanted to celebrate with me! um, sure!

after our tasty lunch we walked over to pier 39. seriously, it was busier than disneyland...honest! it was crazy! we walked about half the pier, picked us up some of the cinnamon-sugar mini donuts, then headed back to the car for the trip home. fortunately the giants game had ended a bit earlier so we missed the worst of the traffic.

hmmm. maybe that is why there were so many people there? no idea.

at any rate, i am grateful for family adventures, and birthday fun! (i really enjoy having a bday in the summer - there is so much more to do!)

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