Monday, August 1, 2011

new family search

rach, pat and i are hoping to go to the temple sometime this weekend to get some work done for our ancestors. well, mostly pat's since mine are basically done! (thanks mom, sue and aunt bev!)

i decided we needed to clean up our act a bit so i went to what a blessing that turned out to be! we found that pat's family (godfrey side) migrated to the usa sometime around the same time my family did - 1630's. at least the first person born in massachusetts on his side was in 1635, which is pretty telling and very surprising. i am finding spouses and parents and all kinds of people we were missing. that means we can do so much more than we thought.

i am so grateful for the church's semi-new site (that i have used before, for my side, that is), and that i am getting our family history organized. i wonder if any of the kids would like to do some of this work? let me know if you're interested!

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  1. you know i do :) just let me know what and i'll make it happen