Thursday, August 4, 2011

my computer

i have been using my computer quite a bit lately. usually i check my emails, go on facebook for a bit, take a gander at pinterest (a healthy addiction, i assure you), check out blogs of friends/family that have recently posted, and write on here. today i actually worked on budgeting (which i love using my computer for, since i am somewhat ocd about budgeting)...and family history.

that seems to be my obsession right now. i'm not sure why. it's all about pat's family and getting it organized and figuring out whom belongs to whom and when and where, and all of that! it is a worthy obsession, definitely. i am excited because i can not only find people and info on, but i am also using paf to make sure everyone is accounted for, and then i have made a table on word so that i can see who needs what work done. 

phew! this is busy work, believe me!

i am grateful for my computer that helps me to organize it all, and even understand it all when i am finished.

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