Monday, August 8, 2011

our best bites

we are trying to eat healthy around here. it is no easy task. we are polishing off the banana cream pie left over from my birthday tonight and not bringing any other food in this house that isn't healthy! my goal is to eat more veggies and fruits, which isn't that difficult, but a challenge just the same.

so, today, when i went onto facebook i saw that our best bites (which is a blog i love) had a recipe for 'roasted eggplant spread'. which essentially is eggplant, roasted red tomatoes, garlic, red onion and red bell pepper all roasted with olive oil, kosher salt and pepper in the oven. then you put it all in the food processor and mix it all up.

oh my! it is a wonderful treat! i suggest you take a minute and go to our best i am especially grateful for them, for they will assist me with my goal of being healthier! yay!

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