Thursday, March 15, 2012


As some of you may know I follow the blog 'My Frugal Adventures'. Sometimes I think I might spend more money because I follow her blog, but I know I have saved a ton because of following her blog.

Pat and I are celebrating our 34th anniversary this coming Saturday. Originally it was going to be spent going to the temple, then changing our clothes and driving to beautiful Half Moon Bay. We love it there. I have been craving seafood for a while, fresh seafood, that is. Amazingly enough they have it there - and it is wonderful. (just ask almost anyone in our family, they know...not Sam, he hates seafood)

The problem is that I have not been feeling all. I have either been having stomach or headaches for several weeks now. (I was fine in Oregon, maybe I'm allergic to Manteca?) (can I just say I am tired of not feeling well, and it gives me great sympathy for those who are in much worse condition than I am?)

So, we have altered our plans. Instead we are going to go to Outback for dinner on Saturday. How, you ask, does that relate to "My Frugal Adventures?" It just so happens that Outback is having a coupon them on facebook, fill out their form, and they email you a $10 off 2 entrees coupon.

I love coupons and am grateful for them. Yes, we would have gone there anyway, but why not save some money while doing so? It makes me smile! =D

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