Sunday, March 25, 2012

Forget Me Nots

Today our lesson in RS was on Pres. Uchtdorf's address to the sisters at the General Relief Society meeting in September. His talk was amazing and it was so nice to enjoy going over it again today with our sisters. I noticed what the lesson was so I grabbed my framed forget me not regarding his talk. I didn't know if Sister Moore would want to use it on the table for her lesson.

Before the lesson even began sisters were commenting on the picture. When I told them I got it off of pinterest so many were confused since they'd never heard of pinterest! I tried to explain it, but it wasn't working...they didn't understand what on earth it was! So, I offered to put an order in for the sisters. A few raised their hands that they wanted pictures during RS, then afterwards many came up to me and asked me to order them. So, I am now putting an order in for them.

I love that we can find gospel related themes on pinterest, send pictures into Costco and for a mere 39 cents have a 5x7 print of something we love. Isn't it wonderful!

I am also grateful that I can share with others something that is so inspiring to me. It's odd to think that something sitting in my great room does make a difference in my life. I am glad it can help others too.

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