Friday, March 23, 2012

minor miracles

yesterday i was getting ready to meet my friend for lunch. i decided i didn't want to bring my big black purse and opted for my middleish size one instead. as i was transferring my belongings from one bag to another i noticed that i couldn't find my blue tooth. mind you, this is my third blue tooth and i was not happy with the thought that i could have lost it. i also could not figure out how that could have happened. i went through my black purse multiple times, even turning it upside down and shaking out all the left-over contents...but to no avail. i felt frustrated, and a little sad (my bluetooth is fairly new), so i decided to say a prayer and ask for help in finding my bluetooth.

i was going to check one more place, i don't remember what that place was now. but i went to get my blue purse since it was time for me to leave, and sitting on top of my cell phone was my bluetooth.

how in the world did that happen? there's only one explanation - a prayer was kindly answered, and i experienced a minor miracle.

don't you just love Heavenly Father? He sure does love us.

i am so grateful for Him, and the many 'minor' miracles we experience in our lives that continually testify of His presence in our lives.

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