Monday, March 5, 2012

Easy dinners!

Tonight we are having one of my favorite dinners - French Dip Sandwiches. I have loved them since I was a young girl; not exactly sure how old I was when I first had one, but I can tell you it was love at first bite! As a result we have them at least once a month, sometimes twice, but not very often. About a year and a half ago Pat and I were in the bay area taking Sam, and other students to Dream Works. They had something like a two hour tour scheduled, and Pat and I were not able to join them. (that was okay, they were the ones that needed to go in, not us) While we waited we went to a little restaurant nearby for lunch. I don't have any recollection of what Pat ordered, but I ordered French Dip, and I was not disappointed!

It used to be that when I made French Dip sandwiches I would make the au jus, then add my deli sliced roast beef (thank you Raley's), to the bread, with the addition of our desired cheese. (usually swiss or provolone) So, imagine my delight when the sandwich came (at the restaurant we were eating at) with the crust all hot and crust(ier) than usual. Yep, they had heated the sandwich in the oven, then served it!

Now, when I make FD sandwiches I do my normal au jus with the roast beef, then I put it on the sandwich roll, with the cheese, and then stick it in the oven for ten minutes. Oh my goodness! It has taken what I love to a whole new wonderful level.

I am grateful for French Dip sandwiches, both the before and after, but especially the after!

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