Friday, March 30, 2012

Temple Sealing

Today our friend, Becky, was sealed to her new husband, Tim. They met a year and a half ago when she moved to Fresno for a new job.

We have known Becky for 20 & 1/2 years! Amazing, isn't it?

We were invited to her sealing, as was Rach. Amy drove down with Rachel in part to be in attendance also. It wasn't until the very last minute that I knew that I would be staying outside with the three little guys while mom and 'Sissy' went in, to attend the sealing. The boys did pretty good! Thanks to Jenni we were able to go in the tri-stake center's relief society room where other children were being tended. That worked out much better than walking around for an hour!

The girls said the sealing was beautiful. This was Rachel's first time attending a sealing, and the first time since Rach was endowed last year that Amy and Rach were in the temple together. That makes it a pretty spectacular day.

I am so very grateful for the binding powers found in the temple...and that our family can witness others receive those blessings as well. It is wonderful.

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