Sunday, September 16, 2012

A little child...

Today a 10 year old boy was confirmed in our Sacrament meeting. (Baptized yesterday) Just prior to his confirmation one of the missionaries leaned over asking the Bishop something. After they were done and were leaving the stand, the elder tapped this young man on the shoulder. I thought he was asking him to go back to shake everyone's hand, but I was wrong. Instead this young man walked up to the pulpit, took out a piece of paper and began reading his hand-written testimony. He went into great detail of the Savior's role in our lives, the importance of our baptism covenants, and how they relate to us. He spoke for a good five minutes, while all of us were amazed at the testimony and knowledge this young man shared. I am so grateful to have heard his message, and to know we were in the presence of a future leader.

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