Thursday, September 20, 2012


Everyone has the agency to change their minds, whenever they want, about whatever they want. It could be regarding politics, religion, about relationships, their future, or even as simple as the food they like or choose to eat. It's true that I am grateful for that...really.

However, what usually bothers me is when the weather is fickle, and it ends up being much hotter than expected. Here, in the Central Valley...not fun. This week is a different story. Last week they were predicting that we'd have temperatures in the MID-90's. I was so not happy about that. Why? I am ready for fall. This has been a long, hot summer. Imagine my delight when, on Sunday or Monday, they changed their predictions! No longer would it be in the mid-90's! No! (and YES!!!) This week, it's all about the mid to upper 80's!!

If you have ever lived in an area where it's rare to see 80 degrees in the summer, or anything lower, you can completely understand just how very grateful I am. SO very grateful. And - I am loving this weather.

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