Thursday, September 6, 2012


Most of you may think that 'preparing' means emergency preparedness, but not this time! :)

We are going to be having changes in our home in the near future. As a result I am busy preparing our home, moving things around, packing up some things, in order to get ready. Since I can only work for a certain amount of time I am beginning in advance so that I am not completely worn out by the time this change takes place. (I will let you know what it is, in a month or so; it's not exciting so don't get excited about it!)

Rach has officially moved out. :( That means her room, closet, everything, are fair game. :( I really am happy for her, just sad for me. (I know, she's been gone for nearly ten months, so? She really has moved out officially, into her own place, where she needs her own things. I am supportive, just sad!)

So, today as I packed up her books, cleared out half of her closet, put one of her bookcases in one half of the closet and filled it up with family history material/info from another closet. I was grateful...not for her being gone (in case you hadn't figured that one out). No, I am grateful for the fact that I can prepare in advance, and become organized in the process...and that's about it.

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