Saturday, September 29, 2012

The end is in sight!

Which really means, the beginning is in sight. We have been busily preparing things in our home for two things. 1) Amy and Craig and their families are coming to visit soon...YAY!!!! and 2) My mom is moving in with us! Yep! That is why we are getting things prepared around here. Once the kids go home  :(  we start really winding down in getting things together for my mom. There will be furniture moving, food storage moving, etc. Fortunately, like I said, an end is in sight. We have as much prepped as we can for now, and believe me, it's a great deal!

I have been thinking this morning about my mom moving in with us. I am grateful that we are able to give her a home that is comfortable, and has a happy atmosphere. I am grateful that she can come and feel love and accepted by us. My mom is a wonderful person. She has given SO much to our family, and I'm not talking about temporally, I am talking spiritually. She is the one that allowed the missionaries to come into our home when I was a baby, and convinced my dad that he had to listen to them. She accepted the gospel when it was first presented to her, and has embraced it ever since. She has loved our family unconditionally, and given our children one of the best gifts she could give them - a loving, warm, accepting grandma. While she was at it she also taught me how to be a pretty good grandma.

While I am really grateful that our work is almost complete, I am even more grateful for the opportunity we have of having my mom live with us. We both love her dearly.

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