Tuesday, September 25, 2012


This morning turned out to be a bit more eventful than planned. Pat went out to start his Pathfinder only to hear the familiar click-click-click. It wouldn't start. He was running late so he nicely asked if he could take my car. Of course I let him! Whatever I needed to do could wait. 

After considering this for a few minutes it occurred to me that we have AAA, have had it for 28 years, and have seldom used it. I figured it was about time we took advantage of their services, seeing as how we pay for them and all. :)

Before calling AAA I called our auto mechanic to see if they could fit us in, if necessary, and to inquire as to whether or not I had to come with the tow truck. Since they know me well they said I did not have to come, and that if it were something simple they would work us in.

Then I called AAA and asked them to either come and jumpstart our car, or possibly tow it in. They said they would first try to jumpstart it, and then tow it, if needed. They also said it'd be 45 minutes before they would be here. They lied, 15 minutes later they were knocking at my door! Nice service!

After the guy pulled the car out of our garage, worked on it a bit, he came knocking at my door again. The battery was dead and needed to be replaced. Before I could even begin thinking about the process of getting the car into the shop he kindly said, 'Did you know we can replace batteries for you?' 

This little bit of information had come as a wonderful surprise to me. He told me that he could have someone else come in half an hour (15 minutes, he meant) and replace the battery, all for a nice little price. And I do mean nice, it was reasonable, in fact it was less than I had expected to pay. I was thrilled and pretty much told him how grateful I was that they offer that particular service! Yay!

Soon after he left I called our auto shop and let them know that it was all taken care of. They were sure sweet about it all.

While today wasn't fun, to deal with a dead battery, it was certainly wonderful and gave me pause to be grateful that AAA is a company that we do business with. Their service is worth every cent.

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