Saturday, September 7, 2013

Exciting News!

A friend of ours just became engaged to his long-time love. Back when Brad and Amy first lived with us I remember Paige and Eric coming over for a game night (five years ago?). We noticed a spark between them, and apparently they had just started dating. Eric has been a good friend of Craig's for a decent amount of time now, something like ten years. Amy knew Eric when she was in young women's. Since that time Craig, Amy, Brad and Rach have all become good friends of his; as have we, for as much as adults can be friends with young adults. :)

In fact Eric and Paige almost became engaged back then, but to due to circumstances (she went away to school, among other things) they didn't. Eric was heart broken. Seriously, we were so sad for him.

A few months ago Eric moved out to Orem, where Paige lives, and they struck up their relationship again (probably one of the important reasons he moved there)! I texted him a little bit ago, telling them congratulations, and he said they are really excited. (of course!) Then he said he hopes we are around November 30th! We wouldn't miss it Eric! We would not miss it!

I'm so grateful for life's moments when you can receive happy news like this. It's just wonderful.

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