Sunday, September 8, 2013

Missionary and Family History work

Pat has had a rather busy Sunday. It could have been even busier, but others are involved in this work so it turned out to be fine for him. About three weeks ago one of the High Council members mentioned at their Stake meeting that he was going to have a booth at the Bean Festival in Tracy this weekend. They were required to have the booth Saturday and Sunday, but he knew they wouldn't be doing it on Sunday. So, he asked if those in charge of Family History and Missionary work for the Stake would like to have the booth. The answer was an enthusiastic 'Yes!'

Today is that Bean Festival. Pat went early this morning to get it set up. He is there now closing it down. One of the most wonderful things about this is how the Family History leader in Tracy took it and ran with it. While Pat had to do a good deal of organizing, and phone calling to get everything set up he didn't have to do everything. Many volunteers manned the booth throughout the day; along with the missionaries being there to share the gospel.

I love, and am grateful for, how the work of the Lord overlaps one another. Once you get new members excited about their family history you help them to gain a clearer vision of what is important in life, and in the eternities.

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