Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Getting caught up

Haven't you found that going on vacation, or just away, can be exhausting? First you make all the preparations; in my case it's the packing, the cleaning, the gathering things to take with us to give to our family members, and then there's the making sure my mom is stocked with plenty of food and that her laundry is done, etc, etc, etc.

Once you get home you have the unpacking, the organizing, the getting caught up on laundry, budgeting, mail, grocery shopping, and any other 'things' that you may need to take care of. By the time 10 am rolls around you feel exhausted! (since you are also recuperating from the long trek you made the day before!)

Yes, vacations are exhausting. However, they are totally worth it when you get to: celebrate your two year old granddaughter's birthday, be there when a granddaughter is blessed, watch your grandkids play together and love one another, and spend time with family members; cooking, laughing, eating, seeing sights, and just taking it all in.

So, while it's exhausting, it's also something to be grateful for that you 'get' to do. What a privilege to be able to go and visit family and be with them for special occasions. My, we are blessed.

Now, if only we could live closer to our family members. If can dream, right?

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