Saturday, September 14, 2013


My husband is a generous person. He just is, and I am grateful that he is. When he sees a need in our family he does his best to help take care of that need. Every once in a while I am the beneficiary of his generosity. Last night we were discussing my upcoming trip to Oregon/Washington/and Vancouver BC, and the fact that it will most likely be raining during some of my trip. He decided that we should go to Bass Pro here in town and pick up some things for my trip - a rain-proof jacket, a fleece, and some water-proofing for my shoes.

This was not a cheap undertaking so I balked at the idea. However, I finally caved and let him have his way! ;) He was quite pleased with the purchases we made, as am I. Mostly I am pleased with this expression of love through his generous spirit. I married a great man - I chose wisely.

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