Saturday, September 21, 2013


Amy, Rach and I spent today in Portland, Oregon. We began our trip by doing family initiatories in the Portland temple last night. After sharing that wonderful experience we went to Kell's for an Irish dinner that was fabulous! Then we just hung out at our hotel last night. After breakfast this morning we made some shopping stops: a large bookstore, and Penzey's (a spice shop), then we drove around in the pouring rain looking at the downtown area. We stopped at Elephant's Deli - a fun place to eat, then we went to the rose garden in Washington park. After that we had some time to kill before Brad and the boys joined us at the park for a brief playtime (due to serious rain!) so we looked at homes. After being rained out we went to get dinner at our restaurant of choice, which wasn't serving dinner yet, so we found an Italian restaurant that had great food...and the boys got to watch them make pasta! After dinner we said our goodbyes and their family returned to Eugene, while Rach and I returned to our hotel. On the drive back Rach asked me what the best part of the day was...spending time with them was my favorite thing of all. I'm grateful for our time together, especially in the temple.

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